Sash Window Restoration, Repair & Repainting

(For alternate sash window services please see Sash Window Installation, Sash Window Replacement and Draught-Proofing Sash Windows).

Traditional sash windows are prone to degradation and deterioration over time and symptoms can include:

  • Rattling from warped wood frames
  • Mould formation from moisture in cracks
  • Jamming and sticking of sashes
  • Draughts from loose panes and frames (see Draught-Proofing Sash Windows)
  • Flaking paint & unkempt appearance

We offer a custom service that can fix any or all of these problems with your existing sash windows which can save you a bundle. In many cases these jobs require the removal of the entire sash to complete the task properly. For this reason we recommend that you commission multiple tasks during a service if necessary.

Please complete the ‘Call Back’ form (top right) or call us on 0800 3897384 to find out about sash window restoration prices and discuss how we can help return your sash windows to their former glory.

What happens next?

We can address individual problems you may be having with your windows AND/OR carry out a full sash windows restoration service on-site which involves:

1. Remove existing sashes from box frame
2. Carry out checks on weights
3. Clean the glass to professional standards
4. Refit sashes with new long-lasting nylon cords
5. Re-balance sash window in box frame
6. Plane meeting rails if necessary
7. Fit new parting and staff beads
8. Fit new 8.5mm brush pile draught excluders
9. Remove all old window furniture and replace with brand new furniture (includes ‘D’ handles, sash lifts, catch, 2x duel position key-operated security locks)
10. Repainting service is an additional extra (see below)

Repainting Sash Windows

In order to properly repaint sash windows, they must be fully dismantled in order to access the hard-to-reach areas. Draught-proofing offers the ideal opportunity to repaint and finish the sash windows to their former glory. In addition to the full service outlined above we;

1. Burn off inner liner of sash window box & sill
2. Burn off all paint to sashes (with the exception of the delicate mouldings around glass
3. Mouldings around glass are rubbed down in preparation for paintwork
4. Sand down internal box frame architrave and nosing
5. Repair, fill and sand down any exposed areas
6. Repaint all with three coats of M.V.P (micro-porous) acrylic white paint
7. Completely reseal external box frame
8. Remove any paint on glass up to existing putty lines and replace any loose or missing putty

By the time we finish the job, a minimum of 90% of the draught will be eradicated and you will be able to open your sash windows with ease and without any rattles. This cost-effective work will not require any major structural work to be carried out. Security locks are insurance-approved & child safe. Restoring your existing sash windows is a great way of keeping down the cost of sash windows, and giving your home a face-lift at the same time.

Why should I restore rather than replace my existing sash windows?

  • Often cheaper than replacing windows and frames altogether
  • Better for environment – less wasted materials
  • Faster job completion as frames do not need to be removed
  • Avoid devaluing your home by retain the original windows

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Please complete the ‘Call Back’ form (top right) or call us on 0800 3897384 to find out about sash window restoration prices and discuss how we can help return your sash windows to their former glory.

Testimonials & Reviews

We strive to offer the very best in quality of service and workmanship. In doing so we have received many positive comments (check out some of our testimonials) and a high customer score on Check-a-Trade, an industry-leading independent review site!


Sash Window Specialist100% guaranteed

All of our work is fully guaranteed, we are lifetime members of the independent warranty scheme.

If you choose our company to carry out the work your deposit and our guarantee are covered by an insurance backed policy for your peace of mind.

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Sash Window Specialisteco-friendly

We employ a green ethic throughout our business. All of our workshop machinery is designed to reduce C02 emmisions. We also recycle all of our waste, using wood chips to heat our premesis with ZERO emmisions.

We build our windows using grade ‘A’ redwood, hardwood or oak sourced from sustainable forests.

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Sash Window SpecialistBetter design

Our windows are designed and built using traditional methods first used over 300 years ago. Over the years we’ve improved on a few things.

Energy saving materials, better security features and intelligent design all combine to produce traditional windows with modern credentials.

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Sash Window Specialistmore benefits

Our service offers unparalleled benefits inlcuding huge savings on bills, increased property value, better security and noise reduction.

As well as our 100% satisfaction guarantee we are registered with FENSA, The Guild of Master Craftsmen and IWA for your added peace of mind.

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