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Restoration & Repair

Traditional casement windows can be prone to degradation and deterioration over long periods of time and symptoms can include:

  • Rattling from warped wood frames
  • Rotten sills or frames
  • Mould formation from moisture in cracks
  • Jamming and sticking of casement sashes
  • Draughts from loose panes and frames (see Draught-Proofing Casement Windows)
  • Flaking paint & unkempt appearance

We offer a customised service that can fix any or all of these problems with your existing casement windows. In many cases these jobs require the removal of the entire casement sash to complete the task properly, and for this reason we recommend that you commission multiple tasks at one time if necessary.

What happens next?

We can address individual problems you may be having with your windows AND/OR carry out a full casement windows restoration service on-site which involves:

  • Evaluate the condition of windows sill, frame and external pointing
  • Stripping down of excess/loose paint from the frame and carry out repairs as required
  • Fit a concealed draft-proof system
  • Repair casement opener (the sash)
  • Service hinges to enable easy and smooth opening
  • Fit any appropriate (new) window furniture
  • Replace any damaged putty as appropriate
  • Ensure the sealing between the existing window and brickwork is watertight and making any necessary repairs
  • Prime and prepare all visible woodwork, where necessary, for additional painting and decoration
  • Full and comprehensive painting service available

Repainting Casement Windows

To repaint casement windows, they must be fully dismantled in order to access the hard-to-reach areas. Draught-proofing offers the ideal opportunity to repaint and return the casement windows to their former glory. In addition to the full service outlined above we can carry out the following:

  • Burn off inner liner of casement window frame & sill
  • Burn off all paint to casement sashes (with the exception of the delicate mouldings around glass
  • Mouldings around glass are rubbed down in preparation for paintwork
  • Sand down internal frame architrave and nosing
  • Repair, fill and sand down any exposed areas
  • Repaint all with three coats of M.V.P (micro-porous) acrylic paint
  • Completely reseal external window frame
  • Remove any paint on the glass up to existing putty lines and replace any loose or missing putty

At the time of job completion, a minimum of 95% of draughts will be eliminated and you will be able to open your casement windows with ease and without the familiar rattles.

This work is extremely cost-effective and will not necessitate any major structural work to be carried out. Restoring your existing windows is an effective way of keeping down the cost of casement windows and giving your home a fresher look at the same time.

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