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The Specialist in Traditional Sash Windows is a FENSA Registered Company.


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Useful Information

These are the benefits of installing new sash windows or restoring the sash window you already have in your house:

Save Money on your bills
A great deal of heat is lost through single glazed windows; through the glass or the gaps around the windows.

To overcome these problems we can refurbish your existing windows with a full draught excluding system or change your windows to new double glazed sashes fitted with a low-e energy glass on the inside pane of your double glazed unit. Low-e glass is a vital component of energy efficient windows and has a surface coating that allows short wavelength heat from the winter sun to enter your home through the glazing.

This solar energy works with your domestic heating system to warm up your room. A large proportion of that heat would vanish back out through windows made of ordinary glass. However, the Low-e coating reflects that heat back into your room saving you money on your bills.

Maintain the character of your house
We always ensure the rules of listed buildings and conservation areas are adhered to. In addition to this, the skills of our tradesman allow us to produce sash windows tailored to include any design features you may need. This enables us to recreate exact replicas of existing windows.

Providing Peace of Mind
We are lifetime members of the independent warranty scheme (IWS). If you choose our company to carry out the work, your deposit and our guarantee are covered by an insurance backed policy for your peace of mind.

Ensuring prolonged life
We use Grade ‘A’ Redwood timber as the first step towards prolonging the life of your windows. We treat the timber against wet and dry rot and woodworm infestation. In addition we apply three coats of micro porous paint allowing the timber to breathe. The sashes are hung on pre-stretched nylon cord which will never need changing and our full draught excluding system is fitted around the windows all adding to the quality of the windows. These windows will last many years longer than cheap alternatives.

FENSA Registered
We are registered members of FENSA. FENSA stands for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme and has been set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other industry bodies. As members of FENSA, we comply with current thermal performance standards, giving added peace of mind.

Improved Airflow
After we have finished fitting or refurbishing your windows you will benefit from improved airflow in your room.

Traditional Sash windows are the perfect partner for the English climate. Weights are attached to the sash cords balancing the sashes. If the top and bottom sashes are open, air will circulate in the room. Cool air will enter the room via the bottom sash and warm air will escape through the top sash – ensuring relief in hot weather.

Stop Draughts & Rattling
We fit a brush pile draught excluding system to existing and new window fitments, resulting in at least 90% of draughts being eradicated and ensuring that the windows will never rattle again.

Window Security
Nothing reduces the security of your home like a tired sash window. New furniture will serve to increase your security level in itself. For added peace of mind, we install key operated sash stops, with provision to open up to 100mm for ventilation.

Noise Reduction
Many of our customers experience outside noise. To overcome this problem people assume that changing to new double glazed windows is the only answer. However, we are very experienced in the use of acoustic safety glass which is decibel rated and more effective than a double glazed unit. The glass reflects noise helping to create a quieter environment in your home. Our trained sales team will be able to discuss the benefits with you and the various decibel ratings.